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Poetry.com returns? Stay away. (With illustration.)

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As a poet, I've endured many a cringe-inducing conversation wherein someone identifies themselves to me as a fellow published poet, and then reveals that they were published by the National Library of Poetry, one of the most infamous scams in recent publishing history. It appears a company is using the old NLoP website, Poetry.com, to attempt to stage a comeback. Writer Beware has more details.

I feel the need to once again exhibit one of my prize possessions. I once sent in an obvious joke poem to this company just to prove that everyone became a "semi-finalist," regardless of what they submitted, and were then asked to pay a steep price for the privilege of seeing their work in print in a heft volume alongside thousands of other "semi-finalists." Here, once again, is the scan of the envelope I received after I submitted, with the poem all prettily typeset in the display window:


At one time, this poem was actually available on Poetry.com (even though I never responded to their offer) before someone apparently noticed my postings about it and removed it.

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On April 12th, 2012 12:20 am (UTC), time_shark replied:
I think that happens. I knew an elderly gentlemen who submitted to them repeatedly and purchased the anthologies, and I think at some point he knew they were a scam, but he continued.
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