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Clockwork Phoenix Kickstarter update: The $6,666 Reward

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Reposted from the latest update at the Kickstarter page.

Hello folks! I pledged that I would do something special if the campaign stopped at $6,666, and I was clearly challenged last week to show them or fold them.

And so here it is: a special recital of my poem "lis pendens." The poem was published in Strange Horizons in 2006, but in fact began life as a performance piece. I was once a frequent participant in a late night venue called No Shame Theatre, and I was often asked to play the Devil in skits, so often that I finally wrote a poem of my own for the role. This is that poem. At the time I also covered court cases and legal issues at the newspaper I work for, so it's no coincidence the poem makes use of genuine legalese, which of course the Devil would know backward and forward.

I should mention that this poem is included in my poetry collection The Journey to Kailash, which a number of you will be receiving as part of your reward bounty. Enjoy hearing it the way it's meant to be spoken.

As for the Kickstarter itself, we're in the final stretch and thanks to all of you it's for the most part a victory lap. The book will be made and we'll be paying pro rates to our writers. Anita is finishing up more of her pins and working on one of her e-reader cases even as I write this.

We are however hoping to reach one final goal that will allow Mythic Delirium Books (i.e. us) to create a companion webzine for poetry and fiction, and that's still very much up in the air. The campaign ends Thursday morning whether we make it or not. Until that time, once again, any help you can give spreading the word about what we're doing, we'd appreciate it very much.

Again, thank you all!

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