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Mythic Delirium invades Google Play

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Thanks to a surprise opportunity, e-book editions of the Mythic Delirium Books anthologies and collections (and a number of my own books, too) are now available on Google Play, the Android equivalent of iBooks.
One feature of Google Play that particularly impresses me: readers who buy a book can toggle back and forth between an EPUB edition and a PDF edition, thus having the choice of a standard e-book with flowing text and a facsimile of the print book available simultaneously. Given that many of my books (written by and edited by) incorporate some typographical pyrotechnics, this strikes me as especially handy.
Here are links to all our books on Google Play:
Edited by Mike Allen
Clockwork Phoenix:
Tales of Beauty and Strangeness


Clockwork Phoenix 2:
More Tales of Beauty and Strangeness

Clockwork Phoenix 3:
New Tales of Beauty and Strangeness

Clockwork Phoenix 4
Clockwork Phoenix 5

Edited by Mike and Anita Allen
Mythic Delirium
Mythic Delirium:
Volume Two


Bone Swans
Stories by C.S.E. Cooney
(Introduction by Gene Wolfe)

Hungry Constellations
by Mike Allen
(Introduction by Amal El-Mohtar)
The Spider Tapestries
Seven Strange Stories by Mike Allen
(Introduction by Nicole Kornher-Stace)
by Mike Allen
(Introduction by Laird Barron)

The Black Fire Concerto
by Mike Allen


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