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Honorable Mentions '08

Honor before pride: I am joining the ranks of editors sneakily using the Amazon "Search Inside" feature to determine how I and my zine fared with this year's Honorable Mentions list in the back of Datlow, Grant and Link's Year's Best Fantasy & Horror.

Me first: I got honorable mentions for "The Hiker's Tale" from Cabinet des Fées 2, "The Hollow Sphere" from Lone Star Stories, and "The Button Bin" from Helix, (also now at Transcriptase) which Ellen calls "a terrific story" in her introductory essay summarizing the horror scene in '07. Woo-hoo!

Last but not at all least: congratulations are due to following contributors to Mythic Delirium who have been honorably mentioned:

  • Leah Bobet, "Fitcher's Third Wife" (Issue 17)
  • Rob Cook, "Weathermen" (Issue 16)
  • Holly Cooley, "After Appomattox" (Issue 17)
  • M. Frost, "The Witch's Daughter" (Issue 17)
  • Samantha Henderson, "King's Man" (Issue 16)
  • JoSelle Vanderhooft, "Gleipnir Diaries" (Issue 17)
  • Jessica Paige Wick, "After the Voice Was Taken" (Issue 16)

    And after-lastly, congrats to mer_moon (again!) and tithenai, who apparently impressed Link and Grant so much that they didn't feel they could give out as many Honorable Mentions as they really wanted to. Way to go, Goblin Gals!

    P.S.: Buy the book! Support the series. It's a good thing to do.

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