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I just watched a Western I really enjoyed (Westerns: if you want American mythology, there you go) that unfolds about as classically as they come, called Appaloosa. It stars Ed Harris as the no-nonsense, strong, silent, ramrod-straight lawman who gets a little tongue-tied around women of high quality; Viggo Mortensen as his loyal sidekick who's maybe just a tad smarter and more perceptive than his boss, but careful how he shows it; and Jeremy Irons as the eloquent, smooth-talking and utterly ruthless villain. Do I really need to tell you anything else?

Folks who read this space would probably like to know more about Let the Right One In, given that it's got vampires and such. You know, given all the gushy reviews (97% on the Tomatometer!), I was expecting something masterful. What I got was what I felt was an interesting and competent horror story if somewhat disjointed in its editing, which may be explained by the fact that the book it was based on, also from Sweden, was a best-seller there, and perhaps the filmmakers relied on audience familiarity with the book at times much as happens in the Harry Potter films. The fact that the lead characters are 12-year-olds, one a vampire, one not, does add some novelty to the proceedings, and I tend to think the approach is quite different from the glam of Twilight. The final massacre (and you know there has to be one) is set up and staged in a particularly clever way.

But ultimately, I couldn't help but like it. I mean, I have to admit, when I was a broody, whiny young bully target, I'm pretty sure I'd've been totally down with a girlfriend who was capable of both treasuring my darkly nerdy passions and tearing grown men limb from limb.

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