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So this is what I'm doing: giving away Neil Gaiman's poetry.

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So I'm running a giveaway on the Mythic Delirium website.

Specifically, I'm giving away five copies of Mythic Delirium's giant 10th anniversary issue with the specially hand-stamped illustration of a new Neil Gaiman poem, not to mention frequently praised poems by Deborah Kolodji, Kendall Evans and Samantha Henderson, Amal El-Mohtar and Jessica Wick, Kacey Grannis, and lots of others. (Kendall wrote me recently to say he thinks this issue has set a record for most reviews of a single issue of a speculative poetry zine. For all I know, he may be right. (Admittedly, it's probably not a hard record to break.))

The way to participate in the giveaway (and perhaps get yourself a free sample copy, or a neat gift for a friend) is explained here.

And if you check that link, you'll also learn when and how Mythic Delirium is
reopening to submissions.

(Not to mention, any entries I get will certainly produce smiles from these two. I consider that a worthy cause.)

I'm only going to throw out this little extra tidbit here on my LJ: if anyone else out there is interested in review copies, now is a good time to talk to me (ping at mythicdelirium[at]gmail[dot]dom.)

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On August 4th, 2009 11:02 pm (UTC), shweta_narayan commented:
Oh man.
I read the poem guessing exactly that -- but it being a contest brings out my "people will hate me if I guess wrong about them" anxieties majorly.
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On August 4th, 2009 11:57 pm (UTC), time_shark replied:
Well, the entries go to me, not to them! They won't know. ;-)

I guess these things Amal and Jess do together wrong with, heh, about 50% frequency, and all they do to me is dress me in funny hats.

And if you still don't want to guess, at least listen to the lovely readings.

Edited at 2009-08-05 12:30 am (UTC)
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