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The official table of contents of Clockwork Phoenix 3

Anita and I have come to our agreement as to what the order of stories in Clockwork Phoenix 3 should be. And so, here it is, and as promised, there are a couple of additional surprises in store.

So, as you can see, I accepted a couple more stories to round out the book. Congratulations to Nicole Kornher-Stace and Cat Rambo! This brings the total number of stories to 15, same as the previous book. Four of these (by Cooney, Narayan, Hirons and Wright) are novelettes.

I admit that at this point, what I'm doing is basically stepping back and staring in amazement because I've actually gotten yet another of these books to this point.

I feel also a need to address an issue. It probably has not escaped folks' notice that Norilana Books and publisher Vera Nazarian (norilana) are still in troubled financial waters. Vera has assured me that Clockwork Phoenix 3 will go forward, and discussed how it will be done.

Let me talk about why I feel Norilana is a publisher the genre scene should value. First, there remains much concern in the field about whether women writers are getting a fair shake in this business, at least when it comes to short story markets. While not the highest profile publisher out there, Norilana contributes with four annual anthologies that each routinely select the majority of their stories from female authors. (Just have a look at some Rich Horton statistics. Case closed.) And Norilana does this without constantly tooting its own horn about it. That, too, is worth something.

Second, Norilana takes risks for the benefit of others. For example, bringing out Under the Rose, an anthology edited by David Hutchinson (hutch0) that (as I understand) was orphaned by its original publisher. Or giving new life to Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword And Sorceress anthology series. Or bringing Tanith Lee's "Tales from the Flat Earth" back into print.

Third, while I suppose this is related to the second, I've found Vera absolutely wonderful to deal with as a publisher. She's up front about everything, pays on time, delivers books on time, and if there's a problem, she immediately lets you know. She's also the only publisher I have ever worked with who was willing to give me a chance to show what I can really do. The Clockwork Phoenix series is the result. (Hopefully that's more for better than for worse. ;-p)

I realize this is probably coming a little late in the season, but nonetheless, in the name of the very worthwhile cause of keeping Norilana around, I do hope folks will consider browsing Vera's not inconsiderable inventory and selecting a gift or two, maybe for someone else, maybe just for yourself.


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