time_shark (time_shark) wrote,

Neil Gaiman's "Conjunctions" wins a 2010 Sofanaut Award

I'm proud to report the Neil Gaiman's poem "Conjunctions" from Mythic Delirium 20 has won the 2010 Sofanaut Award (the equivalent of a Reader's Poll Award) in the poetry category from the podcast site StarShipSofa.

You can listen to the original recording, made by yours truly with Neil's blessing, here.

Neil's poem debuted with much fanfare in Mythic Delirium's special anniversary issue, copies of which we still have available for sale (click here for all the details).

Aside from the excitement of getting to premiere a new work from Neil, there's another reason why Anita and I are proud to have provided a first home for this poem. As Neil has blogged here, it was written about an odd and memorable incident Neil witnessed while visiting a trout farm with Amanda Palmer. (Palmer herself composed a song about the same incident, called "Trout Heart Replica," and Neil described his poem as a companion piece.)

And now, as everyone now knows (I hope!), the news is out that Neil and Amanda are engaged. We congratulate them both and wish them all the good luck in the world.


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