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Correcting a 2010 Rhysling Anthology mistake

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One of the wonderful things about print publishing is that when mistakes happen, they're permanent.

Unfortunately in this case the mistake involves a book that the Science Fiction Poetry Association is using as a voting tool. It turns out there's an entire page of verses missing from Kendall Evans' and Samantha Henderson's long poem candidate "In the Astronaut Asylum" as it appears in The 2010 Rhysling Anthology.

The poem originally appeared in Mythic Delirium 20, the anniversary issue. In the interest of making the poem available in its complete form ahead of the voting deadline, I've created a page for it at the Mythic Delirium website. You can read the correct version here: http://www.mythicdelirium.com/AstronautAsylum.htm

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On July 1st, 2010 07:30 pm (UTC), samhenderson commented:
Mike, thank you for posting the poem on the MD website!
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