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A note regarding further volumes of Clockwork Phoenix

Norilana Books publisher Vera Nazarian has posted an entry explaining that that she is postponing the releases of all the currently scheduled Norilana anthologies (not the novels, and excepting the Sword and Sorceress series) until 2012. She also goes into some detail as to why.

At present, there isn't a scheduled submission window or release date for Clockwork Phoenix 4. I explained some of the reasons why in an entry I posted this summer. At the moment I'm writing a truly demented sequel to my Nebula-nominated "The Button Bin" called "The Quiltmaker," and also preparing for the Big Rewrite of my first novel, expanded from the story "The Hiker's Tale."

Ideally, when and if Clockwork Phoenix 4 comes together, Norilana would again be the publisher. Vera has been very good to myself and Anita and to all our contributors to date. However, we did ask for Vera's blessing in seeking a different publisher for the Clockwork Phoenix books when the time is right, should it prove necessary, and she has very graciously granted us that blessing.

A new publisher could mean a number of changes, including a reduction in pay rates for story advances, though I hope it won't come to that. But we'll cross all those bridges when we come to them.

(It might behoove me to mention, though, that as Clockwork Phoenix has done some serious thought provoking (as well as high-profile award-notice ass kicking) for three years straight — if any enterprising publishers are interested in getting in touch in the meantime, I'm all ears.)


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