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Musing on SFPA and skinheads

I am already starting to hear from or about folks who think S.A. Kelly's "The Green Reich" (situation discussed in detail here) is actually pretty funny, and where's everyone's sense of humor?

To each his or her own, but I find myself wondering: is there anyone who can tell me how to explain to someone who is black, or LGBT, or Jewish, or Muslim, or disabled, et.al. why they should read these lines:

a young black hispanic disabled tri-sexual
manFEM/cybiotic jewslamic skinhead.

and just sit back, relax, and giggle?

Or tell me why it's appropriate to include something like this in a supposedly all-inclusive writing organization's official publication?

I mean, are there SF poets who do not understand what a "skinhead" is?

I'd love to know.

ETA: Folks have been pointing out to me that a skinhead doesn't necessarily refer to a neo-Nazi. I concede this is true, though I point out in return that a) in the U.S. it's definitely the most common usage of the term, b) said "skinhead" is the authority figure in the poem's fictional scenario and c) the poem is titled "The Green Reich." So I think the usage intended is self-evident.


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