time_shark (time_shark) wrote,

Because it's only fair

Scott Kelly has responded to my complaints about his poem, "The Green Reich," and its inclusion in Star*Line.

I don't have time at the moment to respond to his various potshots. One thing he is correct about; in the heat of the moment, in the comments to the first post, I insulted him needlessly. My apologies, Scott.

"I find it very telling, Mr. Allen, that no supposed 'minority group' (your words) has stood up to express outrage and indignation at the hurtfulness and hatefulness of these lines that I have written."

There's no reason for you to take my word for it, of course, but I have indeed heard from folks belonging to such groups who found it hurtful. Whether or not you believe me, frankly, doesn't matter to me. (ETA: Here is one such public response, from Amal El-Mohtar. Others are in the comments below. And in the comments to the previous entries, for that matter. And now, a thoughtful and heart-breaking one from Mari Ness.)

"The bottom line is that I find it thoroughly disgusting (if pathetically predictable) that this 'certain segment of this poetic community' will use trumped-up outrage at my poem to attack Marge Simon, or diminish in any way her accomplishments as editor of Star*Line. Beyond disgusting is the fact that Ms. Simon is being forced to render apologies where none are needed."

Ah, yes, the "grudge" accusation! Surely that must be the cause of this. Surely there can't be poets in the community who've complained before about this issue and ended up disappointed and outraged that their complaints are apparently being ignored.

Listen. Marge apologized and explained. David Kopaska-Merkel and David Lee Summers, the new Prez and Vice-Prez, have given me very level-headed responses and comments. I'm grateful for that. And I don't have anything new to say about my original point, so I'll leave it be for now.

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