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The pins Anita is making for the Mythic Delirium Kickstarter: a teaser

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Anita has shared the first image of the pins she’s making as rewards for the Mythic Delirium Kickstarter (which has less than $1,000 to go to be fully funded; click the link for proof.) #SFWApro

She also offers this poem:

Twenty little pinny pins, all lined up in a row.
Twenty little pinny pins, whose faces I won’t show.
Twenty little pinny pins, a poet’s joy and pride.
Twenty little pinny pins, that I shall soon provide.

And she adds this:

( This is the beginning of the special Kickstarter pins for Mythic Delirium, our poetry magazine. Keep an eye out for updates as I create these little works of art. I hope to do them daily. Like the Clockwork Phoenix pieces, the style is similar, but each pin is unique. And Like the CP pieces, I won’t be making more of this style again. )

Originally published at DESCENT INTO LIGHT. You can comment here or there.

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