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MYTHIC DELIRIUM: contents for digital issue 0.2 and print issue 29

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MD_02_cover_miniThis past month I’ve been working on two new issues of Mythic Delirium — the second digital issue, which features fiction from Georgina Bruce, Patty Templeton and David Sklar and poetry from Yoon Ha Lee, Jennifer Crow, Liz Bourke and more; and the second-to-last print issue with poems from Ada Hoffmann, Sonya Taaffe, Kurt Newton, Deborah P Kolodji and many more. I’m pleased to be able to share the table of contents of this double offering. Issue 0.2 will launch in October; hopefully issue 29 will too. #SFWApro
Issue 0.2 (digital)
The Art of Flying • Georgina Bruce
Katabasis • Liz Bourke
Anna They Have Killed • Jennifer Crow
The Two Annies of Windale Road • Patty Templeton
WereMoonMother • Brittany Warman
Foxfeast • Yoon Ha Lee
Flap • David Sklar
The Girl Who Learned to Live with Bees in Her Hair • Brigitte N. McCray
The Onion Prince • David Sklar
Issue 29 (print)
The Edge of Visible Light • Preston Grassmann
Apocalypse Walking • Lara Elena Donnelly
The Ice Thief • Alexandra Seidel
Echoes of Futures • Deborah P Kolodji
Seasons of a Time Traveler • Deborah P Kolodji
The Raven’s Invitation • Sandi Leibowitz
Alternatives • Laura Praytor
The Witch’s Courting Song • Ada Hoffmann
The Stranger • Kurt Newton
Strange Monster • Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam
The Siren of Mayberry Crescent • Ada Hoffmann
Great-Great-Grandmother’s Recipe Box • Constance Cooper
Hypnos and Thanatos • Sonya Taaffe
Tainted Wedding: A Palindromic Fairy Tale in Four Parts • Jenna Le
The Tooth Fairy Throws in the Towel • Ada Hoffmann

Originally published at Mythic Delirium Books. You can comment here or there.

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On September 16th, 2013 04:06 am (UTC), sovay commented:
I am looking forward to all of these.
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