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Sights and sounds from the CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 4 launch reading

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Better late than never, as they say. Over at the Mythic Delirium Books website, I'm kicking off a week of blog entries devoted to Clockwork Phoenix 4 with sights and sounds from the launch reading for the anthology. It took place Friday, July 12, 2013 at ReaderCon in Burlington, Mass. Contributors A.C. Wise, Gemma Files, Nicole Kornher-Stace, Barbara Krasnoff, Shira Lipkin, Yves Meynard and Kenneth Schneyer all read excerpts from their stories.

I planned to do this long before now, but getting the new version of Mythic Delirium off the ground and promoting The Black Fire Concerto got in the way. But finally I've done it. Here are a number of photos from the event, taken by Jim Freund, Anita, and even lil ole me. And we also, thanks to Jim's generosity, have an audio recording of the entire reading.

Click here to see and here more.

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