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The · Plasteel · Spider · Factory

Contents of MYTHIC DELIRIUM 0.4, April-June 2014

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MD04mockupsmallThe weather might not seem to agree, but spring really is around the corner.
So is the next issue of Mythic Delirium. In honor of the season, we’ve assembled an issue loosely centered around fae creatures and garden magic. Rhonda Parrish, Cedar Sanderson and Yukimi Ogawa provide the stories this time around, with poetry from Jane Yolen, Mari Ness, Beth Cato, Lynette Mejía and Sandi Leibowitz.
Here’s the full table of contents for the issue, grouped by the month the works will appear on the website. If you don’t want to wait three months to read all the tales and verse, go here to subscribe.
Featured in April
“Seedpaper” by Rhonda Parrish
“a recipe” by Lynette Mejía
“Princess: A Life” by Jane Yolen
Featured in May
“Milkweed” by Cedar Sanderson
“The Silver Comb” by Mari Ness
“Never Told” by Jane Yolen
Featured in June
“The Giant’s Tree” by Yukimi Ogawa
“Unmasking” by Sandi Leibowitz
“Nisei” by Beth Cato

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