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Read a CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 4 story by Campbell nominee Benjanun Sriduangkaew

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CP4_web_smallCongratulations to Clockwork Phoenix 4 contributor Benjanun Sriduangkaew, who is a finalist for the 2014 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.
Benjanun has rapidly built of a body of work that has obviously caused people in the sf/fantasy field to sit up and take notice. In 2013, her stories appeared in Clarkesworld, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, the End of the Road and We See a Different Frontier anthologies, and of course our own Clockwork Phoenix 4. Her story in our pages, “The Bees Her Heart, the Hive Her Belly,” made the 2013 Locus Recommended Reading List and was selected to be reprinted in The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2014.
I’m pleased to be able to make that story available free to anyone who wants to read it. We wish Bee the best of luck!
Read her story here.

Originally published at Mythic Delirium Books. You can comment here or there.

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