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Amazing Stories, Tor.com, Strange Horizons review MYTHIC DELIRIUM 30

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MD30cvrhalfWe’re proud to share this wistful and heartwarming review of Mythic Delirium 30 from Amazing Stories blogger Diane Severson Mori.
She not only breaks down the issue poem by poem by poem, but includes links to audio recordings, and as well as tributes to Mythic Delirium written by several of the poets, which was a wonderful surprise. She also makes note of how well poems from Mythic Delirium fared with the Rhysling Awards over the past decade: “It speaks for the Allens’ ability to choose excellent, popular poetry.”
We also had remarkably similar if nowhere near as flattering reviews of the same issue appear at Tor.com and Strange Horizons.
Congratulations must go to Amal El-Mohtar, Sonya Taaffe and Jennifer Crow, whose works were highlighted positively in both reviews. As for the rest, I think what’s fair to say is that Liz Bourke and Brit Mandelo, who are both writers I respect, clearly have simpatico tastes; and that the daunting task of winnowing selections from more than 500 poems published across the ‘zine’s full history perhaps diluted the occurrences of poems with the specific qualities they enjoy. (For an interesting comparison, see Brit’s review of Issue 26.)
Regardless, it’s flattering that all these publications found our transitional soiree worthy of note.

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