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Ogawa, Leibowitz, Cato: June featured content online at MYTHIC DELIRIUM

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I’m pleased to announce that the June featured story and featured poems have gone live on MythicDelirium.com, completing our fourth full issue as a digital magazine.
Our featured short story, “The Giant’s Tree” by Yukimi Ogawa, is a whimsical and touching tale rooted in Japanese folklore that bounds in some surprising directions.
Our featured poems also touch on Japanese folklore. Sandi Leibowitz describes flirtation with a dangerous edge in “Unmasking” while Beth Cato brings it all home in “Nisei,” a thoughtful portrait of a Japanese-American veteran of World War II.
It’s going to be a busy summer here at Mythic Delirium. July will bring Issue 1.1, with stories and poems from Margo Lanagan, Geoffrey A. Landis, Jane Yolen, Saira Ali, Virginia M. Mohlere and more and a stunning new cover from Paula Arwen Friedlander. (If you’d like to read it all in one go, you’ll need to subscribe, of course.) And in August we will at last reopen to fiction and poetry submissions.
Not to mention, we’ll soon be putting together the Kickstarter-funded anthology that gathers our first four issues in a trade paperback. We’ve got beautiful cover art from Hugo Award winner Galen Dara — watch for more about this project, coming Very Very Soon.

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