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Oct.-Dec. issue of MYTHIC DELIRIUM live! Plus new featured content

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The newest issue of Mythic Delirium is absolutely and completely alive, stepping out from behind the Veil as Halloween approaches…
This is how I tried to explain this “eclectic even by our standards” issue in my editorial:

Mythic_Delirium_web_smallWe’re bringing 2014 to a close with a cornucopia of offerings that don’t have a theme, per se, unless a cornucopia full of diverse offerings can itself be a theme.
To mix together some metaphors, within this patchwork quilt you’ll find currents and undertows. As well as basic one-to-one correspondences. Brady Golden’s ghostly tale of lovesick children clamored for a Halloween release, while it’s perhaps a testament to our own twisted senses of humor that Nathaniel Lee’s sardonic take on faith struck us as a perfect story for the holidays. As for Sonya Taaffe’s story: simply put, there is no wrong time for Shakespeare.
Our poems are perhaps more of a piece: animal spirits move through them, as voices speak of exploring other worlds and worlds within themselves. We look inward and outward at once and document our observations with clear eyes.

You can purchase the complete issue at Amazon or at Weightless Books; or you can acquire the full issue via subscribing, either at Weighless or right here on this here site (clickbait!).
If you need a sample, the first featured story and featured poems from the issue are up for your perusal.

  • Brady Golden shows a haunting from the inside in the eerie and melancholy “Behind Glass”;
  • Michele Bannister imagines a deeper level of interplanetary communication in “The Ensouling of Spacecraft”;
  • Rose Lemberg presents “Dualities,” a lyrical and moving exploration of science, language and identity.
    Don’t be surprised if it all whets your appetite for more.

    Originally published at Mythic Delirium Books. You can comment here or there.

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