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Praise from Nicole Kornher-Stace for BONE SWANS by C.S.E. Cooney

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Bone_Swans_ARC_frontC.S.E. Cooney’s debut collection Bone Swans keeps accumulating accolades, the latest coming from fantasy author Nicole Kornher-Stace:

If your familiarity begins and ends with C.S.E. Cooney’s poetry, do yourself a favor and stick around for these novellas. If you aren’t new to her stories, know that you will find her here at the top of her not inconsiderable game. Highly original, mythic in scope, lyrically told, just plain fun.

Don’t forget that we plan to debut Cooney’s book this coming July at Readercon. You can preoder a copy for yourself here.
And speaking of debuts, Kornher-Stace (like Cooney a contributor to Clockwork Phoenix and Mythic Delirium) just had her first YA novel, Archivist Wasp, launch on Amazon in Kindle format. You should check it out, and if you prefer a paperback, you’ll only have a month to wait before that’s available too.
It’s a source of pride for us that the stunningly original Archivist Wasp grew from Kornher-Stace’s short story in Clockwork Phoenix 4, “On the Leitmotif of the Trickster Constellation in Northern Hemispheric Star Charts, Post-Apocalypse.”

Originally published at Mythic Delirium Books. You can comment here or there.

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