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June featured content live at MYTHIC DELIRIUM: Howe, Theodoridou, Parisien

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Just after finishing our successful Kickstarter campaign for Clockwork Phoenix 5, we complete the second year of Mythic Delirium Mark II with our featured content for June.

  • In “‘Kid’ Cooper & the Blackwood Ape-Man,” Adam Howe fuses history and folklore to sculpt a rollicking tale set in the American South.
  • With sharp strokes, Natalia Theodoridou reexamines a gruesome Greek tragedy in “Philomela in Seven Movements.”
  • Dominik Parisien wryly muses on the monstrous nature of art and the artistic nature of monsters in “A Portrait of the Monster as an Artist.”
    Mythic_Delirium_1_4_coverOur next issue, No. 2.1, July-September 2015, is coming together on the assembly table—though I admit to running a bit behind, thanks to the abovementioned Kickstarter! It holds fiction from Sara M. Harvey, Cassandra Khaw and Barbara Krasnoff, and poetry from Anne Carly Abad, Alicia Cole, Sandi Leibowitz, Shira Lipkin and Hannah Strom-Martin, plus an encore from Jane Yolen. Paula Arwen Owen returns with more beautiful cover art.
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