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BONE SWANS sale today at Weightless Books, 99 cents for first time ever

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BookCoverImageToday Weightless Books is offering C.S.E. Cooney’s debut short story collection Bone Swans for 99 cents, the first time ever we’ve offered her ebook edition at that price. The link to the book’s page at Weightless is here. You can get the book in PDF, EPUB (Apple/Nook) or MOBI (Kindle) formats.
If you haven’t tried her book out yet, I hope you’ll jump on this opportunity.
BUT NOTE: if you’re at the World Fantasy Convention 2015 this weekend, you can buy the book in paperback at the Small Beer Press table and get Claire to sign it! (And Weightless and Small Beer are the same company, so you’ll be supporting them either way, and that’s a good thing too.)

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