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December MYTHIC DELIRIUM features: Fogg, Thakrar, Runolfson

Mythic_Delirium_2_1_cover_smallThe last featured story and featured poems from the October-December issue of Mythic Delirium have now gone live.
We finish the year with a cosmic trinity. Vanessa Fogg weaves a modern lunar fable in “Moon Story”; Shveta Thakrar spins a wistful reverie of heavenly angling in “Star Fishing”; J.C. Runolfson puts a gas giant in his place in “Jupiter Dis(mis)sed.”
The first issue of 2016 is coming together nicely (despite the demands of holidays and Kickstarter obligations) with fiction from Sheila Finch, Janna Layton, and Jeannette Ng, and poetry by Sandi Leibowitz, Melissa Frederick, Olchar E. Lindsann, Edith Hope Bishop, Alexandra Seidel, and Jennifer Crow. Our cover art is by Anita Allen and Anne Sampson. If you don’t want to miss it, click this link to subscribe.

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